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    The staff in Benteng have been working hard for 17 years.Benteng Group,with the care and expectations from the society,is keeping moving all the time.On the way we developed,we adhere to the cultural industry,and meanwhile,we improve ourselves with the development of the cultural industry.
    When I look back,I am so gratified that I,on behalf of the staff of Pentium, want to give our hearty thanks to all the friends who are there for us all the time. Without your support and dedication,the company couldn't have developed so fast.
    Integrity,quality,service and creation are the spirit of Benteng;Printing the colorful life and leading the cultural industry are the goal we pursue.And we are trying our best to get to this goal to make Benteng become a leading printing house in Hunan.
    Keeping pace with the development of the society,Benteng has invested a large number of money to build the "Hunan Printing Base for exporting".The products of Benteng will spread all over the country and the whole world.
    Looking into the future,People in Benteng will not hesitate and will fly high in the sky.

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ADD:West of Yinxiang Raod,Fenghuang Park,Lengshuitan District,Yongzhou City,Hunan.China.